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Jochen Wilke

by Jochen Wilke

by Jochen Wilke

Blazon of Arms

Per pale Azure and Argent on a roundel nebuly of ten undulations counterchanged a dianthus blossom (wild carnation) per pale Gules and Argent seeded Or.

Blazon of Crest

On a wreath Argent Azure and Gules (metal and tincture alternating) a wolf sejant Azure armed Gules bearing on its dexter paw a falcon wings elevated Gules armed Or the wolf’s sinister paw reposing on an escutcheon as in the arms.

Blazon of Mantling

Argent doubled per pale Gules and Azure on the dexter side, on the sinister side Mantled per pale Gules and Azure, doubled Argent.




Recorded at the “Heraldische Gemeinschaft Westfalen” in 2003.

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