Fellows & Sponsors

The Society has always sought to promote major achievements in the field of heraldry and its auxiliary sciences. Our highest honor is that of Fellowship of the Society. This group of esteemed Heraldists, Historians, Artists, Genealogists, etc. have made great contributions to both the Society and to the whole of heraldry in the United States.

Any member of the Society may put forward an individual for nomination to the Board of Governors. To nominate an individual, please email the secretary.

Our Society Fellows

The Rev. Guy Selvester arms

The Rev. Guy Selvester
FAHS (2022)

Joseph McMillan arms

Joseph McMillan
FAHS (2023)

David Appleton arms

David Appleton
FAHS (2024)

Life Members

We have also been fortunate to be Sponsored by a number of Individuals via their donations and long term commitment to the Society as Life Members. We honor and thank those below for their dedication and support.

  • Brady Brim-DeForest of Balvaird
  • Dr Chad M. Krouse
  • Kimon Andreou 
  • Dr David Boven
  • John M. Wright of Deerfield 
  • John M. Shannon
  • D. Brenton Simons, OBE
  • Victor Siebeneck
  • Christopher Steenrod
  • Quentin B. Lamb
  • Harold Neally Cannon
  • The Rev. Guy Selvester
  • Joseph McMillan
  • David Appleton
  • Matthew Wallace-Gross
  • Terrence Sarros
  • D. Gallup

Society Patrons

Brady Brim-DeForest of Balvaird

Baron of Balvaird, Life Member & Patron to the American Heraldry Society