Board Rules of Procedure

American Heraldry Society SUBJECT Board Rules of Procedure
Governors' Policy Manual VERSION Revised EFFECTIVE 17-Apr-08

2.1 Board Rules of Procedure

2.1.1 Meeting Agenda. The Secretary shall prepare the agenda for each meeting in consultation with the President and the members of the Board. Once printed and distributed by the Secretary, the agenda becomes the order of business for that meeting. The motion to adopt the agenda is not necessary. The motion to amend the agenda to add an agenda item requires a vote of three-fifths of the members present and voting.
2.1.2 Consideration of Business. The presiding officer shall lay before the board its business in the order indicated in the agenda. No motion or second is necessary before debate may begin on an agenda item. The presiding officer should ordinarily expedite the business of each meeting. If the presiding officer determines either that there has been ample debate or that there is no meaningful opposition, the presiding officer should ask the members if debate should be closed. If there is no objection, the presiding officer may declare debate closed and put the question as provided in Subsection The motion for the previous question should be made only when absolutely necessary. After debate is closed, the question on the adoption of the item occurs automatically and shall be put to the Board immediately by the presiding officer. The presiding officer or a Governor may withdraw an agenda item at any time before the final vote if the agenda item has not been substantially amended.
2.1.3 Parliamentary Authority. The latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, is considered authority on matters not governed by the Society’s Certificate of Formation, By-Laws, or these Rules.