Duties of Governors-at-large

American Heraldry Society SUBJECT Duties of Governors-at-large
Governors' Policy Manual VERSION Initial EFFECTIVE 08-Sep-08

2.6 Duties of Governors-at-large

2.6.1 Duties under Society By-Laws. Governors-at-large shall perform the duties required of the office by the Society’s By-laws.
2.6.2 Additional Duties. Governors-at-large: Know and effectively articulate the Society’s mission, purpose, goals, policies, and programs. Participate actively in assessing the Society’s performance and setting its strategic goals and objectives. Chair and/or participate in at least one board committee. Participate in establishing and enforcing organizational policies. Accept responsibility for the Society’s financial accountability to its members and the general public. Support and advise the Society’s elected and appointed officers and committees as appropriate.