Duties of Secretary

American Heraldry Society SUBJECT Duties of Secretary
Governors' Policy Manual VERSION Revised EFFECTIVE 14-May-12

2.4 Duties of Secretary

2.4.1 Chief Administrative Officer. The Secretary is the chief administrative officer of the Society.
2.4.2 Duties under Society By-Laws. The Secretary shall perform the duties required of the office by the Society’s By-laws.
2.4.3 Additional Duties. The Secretary: Distributes, in advance of Board meetings, appropriate background information on agenda items. Serves as parliamentarian of the Board. Provides a report at each regular board meeting of the Secretary’s activities since the previous regular board meeting. Is sufficiently familiar with legal documents (articles, by-laws, IRS letters and regulations, etc.) to note their applicability during meetings. Ensures minutes of board and members meetings are publicly available in the Society’s web forum as soon as practicable after the meeting’s conclusion. Maintains a roster of the Board and committees. Ensures that the appropriate annual filings are made with the Texas Secretary of State, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, and the Internal Revenue Service. Understands the duties of the President and is willing to perform those duties in the President’s temporary or permanent absence.