Membership Committee

American Heraldry Society SUBJECT Membership Committee
Governors' Policy Manual VERSION Initial EFFECTIVE 16-Aug-07

3.6 Membership Committee

3.6.1 Purpose. The Membership Committee (“committee”) provides advice to the Director of Membership and the Board on the Society’s membership efforts by assisting in recruiting new members to increase the Society’s membership; identifying the needs of the membership and ensuring that the Board is made aware of these needs; implementing, facilitating, and supporting initiatives to meet membership needs; and assisting the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities relating to the scope and quality of Society services to its members. 
3.6.2 Membership. The committee consists of the Treasurer, Secretary, and one Society member who is not a member of the Board appointed by the Board. The Treasurer serves as committee chair.
3.6.3 Duties. The committee shall: Assist in establishing recruitment programs to target heraldists and heraldic professionals. Recommend to the Membership Director and the Board new member services, revision of existing services, and other initiatives aimed at increased membership. Assist the Membership Director in identifying reasons why past members have not renewed their membership. Review and evaluate member relations and services and recommend opportunities to enhance the value of membership. Consider and recommend to the Board additions, consolidation, or elimination of existing services to meeting changing and diverse needs. Recommend persons for election as honorary members on their own initiative or at the Board’s request.