Society Committees

Audit Committee
Jay Bohn, Chair
David A. Pritchard
Joseph McMillan

Coordinates the Board’s financial oversight responsibilities to ensure responsible budgeting and to prevent the misuse or unlawful use of association funds by ensuring a regular examination of the Society’s accounts.

Education Committee
Philip D. Blanton, Chair
David T. Boven
Joseph McMillan

Finance Committee
Kenneth F. Mansfield, Chair
Philip D. Blanton
William B. Henry, Jr.

Responsible for monitoring the Society’s overall financial health, including overseeing budgeting and financial planning, safeguarding the organization’s assets, reviewing and proposing internal controls and fiscal policies, anticipating financial problems, and ensuring that the Board receives accurate and timely financial information.

Information Technology Committee
Kimon Andreou, Chair
Kenneth F. Mansfield
Joseph McMillan
Norton A. Stuart, 3d

Membership Committee
Kenneth F. Mansfield, Chair
Hugh L. Brady
Arian Collins

Provides advice to the Director of Membership and the Board on the Society’s membership efforts by assisting in recruiting new members to increase the Society’s membership; identifies the needs of the membership and ensuring that the Board is made aware of these needs; implements, facilitates, and supports initiatives to meet membership needs; and assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities relating to the scope and quality of Society services to its members.

Nominating Committee
Guy W. Selvester, Chair
Kimon A. Andreou
Dale Challener Roe

Identifies, screens and reviews Members qualified to serve as members of the Board of Governors and recommending to the Board candidates for nomination for election at the annual meeting of Members or to fill Board vacancies and oversees the Society’s policies and procedures for the receipt of Member suggestions regarding Board composition and recommendations of candidates for nomination by the Board.

Public Policy Committee
Stephen J. (Joe) Winslow, Jr., Chair
Hugh L. Brady

Publications Committee
Hugh L. Brady, Chair
Philip D. Blanton

Provides advice to the Director of Publications and the Board on the Society’s electronic and print publications program by assisting in the selection of editors; commenting on the future of Society publications, including the missions of particular publications; providing ideas for content; and assessing member and subscriber satisfaction with Society publications.