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David Joseph Schweitzer

Blazon of Arms:

Per pall between the arms of a pall Gules first Argent a heart enflamed proper, second Or a battle axe handle proper axe head sable, third Or a wooden Roman cross proper. 

Alternate: Sable per bend Sable Or, Dexter base Or with wolf head Cabossed Proper, sinister chief Sable with Caduceus Or.

Blazon of Crest:

On a wreath Or and Azure issuant from a crest coronet Or a wolf head party per bend sinister Or and Azure.

Alternate: Sable Or with cross Dexter Argent and sword sinister Proper.




exter US Army Commendation Medal, middle US Army Good Conduct Medal, sinister US Vietnam (RVN) Campaign Medal.


A wolf head erased party per bend sinister Or and Azure gorged of a crest coronet Or.


The wolf head represents the Ashina/Khazar Empire. The Caduceus represents the time I spent in the US Army Medical Corps. It also represents a dragon. Two Reptiles on a shaft with 2 wings representing the wings of the Dragon. I am a member of The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court of which I am a Seneschal. The Anglo-Saxon word "dragon" is derived from the Greek, "to see clearly", hinting at the Dragon's gift of prophecy. Although Dragons were often born out of destruction and chaos, the dragon to some cultures was an emblem of good fortune & perfection. Found in many cultures it became a symbol for volatility, the search for secret knowledge, finding your way through all things, Alchemy, the elements, eternal change, discovery of hidden treasures and the protector of all you possess. Medals: I served in the US Army from 1964 through 1968. I spent one tour on Viet Nam where I received several decorations (Army Commendation Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal). Mantling: The cross is for my believe and God and my ordination. The Sword represents my military service during battle.


U.S. Heraldic Registry No. 20080609A, 2008
2008 Ukrainian Heraldry Society #201
New England Historic Genealogical Society Committtee on Heraldry, 2008

Alternate: International Heraldic Registry: #US2011L1946