Grants and Registrations

What is the difference between assumed arms, granted arms and registered arms? Does a trademark or copyright protect one's coat of arms from being usurped? These are questions that many newcomers to heraldry have. This is particularly so in a country like the United States where there is no heraldic authority to regulate the use of arms.

There are quite a few countries in the same situation and a handful where there is most definitely a heraldic authority. Even more numerous, however, are private heraldic organizations that can assist armigers and those interested in becoming armigerous.

Heraldic Registration in the United States discusses the reasons for registering arms, the benefits and limitations of trademarks and copyrights, and organizations that register arms in the United States.

Foreign Armorial Grants and Registrations for Americans covers options available to Americans for recognition of their arms in other countries, including registration and honorary grants: