Need ideas

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22 November 2006 11:34

For work I am a part of a new program called the "Optical Payload Product center". We need a logo, and I am trying to influence people into using a simple arms, with a ‘motto’ of OPPC in it.

I have some doodle ideas, and the one that seems the most likely to be accepted is inspired by Pink Floyd’s "The dark side of the moon" album cover. (us being optics people, a prism is a good logo).


Since the computer I have with photoshop on it doesn’t have internet access until Sunday I was hoping someone could help me out. My problem is that the shield Idea I had breaks some heraldic rules, Putting colors together, but I think I can work my way around that by doing "Rainbow Proper" which fits a prism. This is a VERY rough sketch, but the prism would extend all the way to the bottom of the shield for a "Per pale inverse"? If anyone has some better idea of how to make this look good, and be more heraldicly proper please give me some ideas…