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27 April 2007 02:12

Sorry, Trent, I have to agree with the last couple posts.  I especially like the way your "original" Sable and Gules design "fit" on the East African shield.  To tell you the truth, for a while I thought my shield of Azure and Argent was quite boring compared to yours.  I even toyed with the idea of switching tinctures due to your shield in particular.  There is a symetry and elegance to it that I don’t see in the new versions.  With the fret running to the ends of the shield, it is both simple and complex at the same time.  Quite graceful, actually.

I would remind you that, technically, colors have no real meaning in heraldry.  I can’t remember exactly what you said about the colors in another thread (dreary? depressing? oppressive?).  I found the combination quite dynamic and alive!  However, at the same time, I understand your wish to use Argent and Azure.  Is there no way to simply change the coloring of your original shield?  At least the design would be intact which, to a great extent, is what brings so much "charm" to the shield?  Just my buck fifty, for what it’s worth.


Remember:  Take this with a grain of salt.  It is your shield.  (And you know I’ve just finished "running the committe gauntlet" myself!  Lot’s of good advice out there, but at the end of the day, you have to make the call.)


I shall follow this thread and look forward to the next "refrigerator test"!


Pr. William

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27 April 2007 06:52


I, like the rest of you, really like the tinctures and design of the original, even though it looks a little stereotypical on an East African shield.  I’m keeping it as a corporate logo.


I did switch the tinctures to Argent and Azure and the fret to Or, but I didn’t find it as impressive.


Also, as stated in the other thread, the "Azure, a pale Argent" one, is more culturally meaningful on three levels even if it’s not as visually moving to those who don’t know the cultural significance.

Andrew J Vidal
Andrew J Vidal
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27 April 2007 07:28

To throw my two cents into the ring, I’d go with Mike’s idea with one slight change.  I’d change the sable to azure to blend with the desgin a little better.

But I have to agree with the rest of the group, I think your original was more attractive.  But, I don’t have to carry the shield either!