Hypothetical arms for J.B. Mansfield

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Charles E. Drake;77320 wrote:

That may not be as bad as it sounds. From the surviving correspondence of some of my ancestors and their relations, it appears their ideas of military discipline were more relaxed than today. There are several instances of some of them just going A.W.O.L. to visit family or take someone who was sick back home, being tried for desertion, forgiven, and taken back into their units. Since they volunteered to be there, I think they believed that they could leave if they wanted to!

You’re quite right.  Military service was very different in the 19th century, especially with this war that was fought on home turf.  Many soldiers came and went if near enough to their homes, and some would prioritize their farms and crops over the fighting.  Towards the end of the war, when there was very little cohesion, and no supplies, a lot of war weary men just went home.  This ancestor’s last muster roll indicated that he had gone home to Texas, but he definitely wasn’t the only one listed that way.