CoA of the Nordic Battle Group

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The Nordic Battle Group is one of the Battle Groups created as part of the European Union’s effort to build a Rapid Recation Force to participate in Peace Keeping and other operations. The Nordic Battle Group is led by Sweden but also includes troops from Norway, Finland and Estonia. The NBG is expected to be fully operational in 2008 but its HQ has been operational since 29 May 2005 under Brigadier-General Karl Engelbrektson.

The NBG also as got its own Coat of Arms, I dosen’t have a picture so you have to make do with the blason:


Azure a Lion rampant Argent armed Gules holding in dexter forepaw a Sword Or and in sinister a Olivebranch Or (?, the picture in the newspaper was not very good so its hard to make out the exact colour).

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