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James Dempster
James Dempster
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12 November 2012 14:15

Not immediately on-topic for this forum, but potentially of interest. This from Araldika Malta’s Facebook page.


The Archives of the Archbishop of Malta contain the diocesan records from 1531 to 1898, along with some miscellaneous items dating from 1450 to 1928. These documents are housed in Floriana.

The project is ongoing and the Archdiocese is still digitizing manuscripts found especially in the Mater Dei (Floriana) and Sancti Laurentii (Vittoriosa – Li Birgu) archives.


You are asked to register so that you can view or purchase the manuscripts you need. Registration is FREE as well to search and see documents. Each copy costs 50 euro cents through PayPal .



steven harris
steven harris
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13 November 2012 11:31

The current Archbishop of Malta is Paul Cremona, a Dominican friar.