French Commonplace Book at Yale (c. ~1488)

Jeremy Keith Hammond
Jeremy Keith Hammond
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04 February 2014 09:45

Forgive me if this has already been shared, but I recently came across Yale’s library of rare books and manuscripts online and they have fully scanned a commonplace book by Jean Faucket of France created sometime between 1488 and 1497. It’s a beautiful book, albeit nearly impossible to read without a knowledge of medieval French. Illustrations are very limited, but I did find this gem which I believe is his own coat of arms.


Googling the author’s name yielded an excerpt on Google Books about this particular manuscript. Apparently he has written in it a treatise on how the office of King of Arms originated in France which jibes with my understanding of medieval English royalty as a bunch of johnny-come-lately’s keeping up with Joneses. (My deepest respect still goes out to my English brethren and the current royal family, of course :D )


You can see very high resolution scans of the book pages on the library’s website: