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I wanted to make a quick introduction to the forum as a new AHS member.  I was bitten by the heraldry bug back in college and have been an admirer and student ever since.  I live in Richmond, Virginia and travel extensively for work as I am a major gifts fundraiser for Virginia Commonwealth University.  I received my B.A. from Hampden-Sydney College and an M.Div. from The School of Theology, The University of the South (Sewanee).

After many months, and many drafts, I am pleased to share with you my arms.  The digital drawing was done by Canadian Heraldic artist, Steve Cowan.  I highly recommend him.  I wanted something that represented my home state (West Virginia) as well as my adopted state of Virginia.  Additionally, I wanted my patron saint, Chad of Lichfield, honored to pun my name.  The barry wavy indicate my love of being on the water, especially fishing.  I wanted something relatively simple and clear.  As a lover of "all things English," I wanted to honor my German ancestry with the motto.


While I don’t yet have the crest/motto drawn digitally, here is the full blazon.


Arms:  Per chevron Gules and barry wavy Argent and Azure, in chief two dogwood flowers (cornus florida) proper and in base a cross of Saint Chad of the first;


Crest:  On a wreath of Gules and Argent, a Cardinal’s head erased clutching in its beak a lilly seeded proper;


Motto:  Ich Mache Recht ("I make right")


My main focus for research these days is on the life and work of Pierre de Chaignon la Rose.  I’ve built a roll of arms, now over 130, that la Rose devised during his lifetime.  Even managed to land a photograph of him in addition to tracking down caches of his work.  I find him fascinating, to say the least!