St Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

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06 August 2014 17:34

While in New Orleans, when I could get a break from an intensive study of the foodways of the region (and shopping to fit out our daughter’s apartment), I popped into the Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis King of France on Jackson Square, and found a striking display of flags emblazoned with the arms of the archdiocese, the basilica itself, and the suffragan sees of the Province of New Orleans.  (They hang from the front of the balcony on the southwest side of the nave; the opposite balcony displays historic flags that have flown over Louisiana.)

Archdiocese of New Orleans


St. Louis Cathedral-Basilica

(The main field of the shield is parted per pale with the main field of the archdiocesan arms in sinister and a cross floretty enfiling a crown of thorns in dexter.  The latter is emblazoned alone on a shield on the basilica’s ombrellino, as shown here:


And banners of the suffragan dioceses: