Orders, Decorations, and Awards

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10 September 2014 17:50

Joseph McMillan;102656 wrote:

The rules that apply to sovereigns (including sovereign republics) don’t apply to personal arms, and in many countries there are official rules that apply to the arms of public entities (towns, cities, ministries, government directorates, military units, etc.) that wouldn’t apply to personal arms, either.

I would advise you not to get creative with campaign streamers as mantling, etc.  (1) In doing heraldry, you’re becoming part of a tradition, so (my advice is) honor the traditions.  (2) For those in the know, it will just come across as a way of evading the advice not to display campaign medals.  If you absolutely have to show that you served in the military during an operation, then displaying the campaign medal below the shield is preferable to arraying the streamers over the shield.


As you will recognize, I’m pretty conservative about these things but, as I said, I think a decoration for valor from a police department is worthy of display like any other decoration.  To be clear once again:


- Our guidelines on "gongs" say, basically, you are certain to be OK with displaying any decoration conferred by a sovereign; they do not say that it is incorrect to display other decorations/orders/etc.  They advise that you use your best judgment, and they try to give advice on things that generally are not displayed.


- Our guidelines are only advisory.

That all makes perfect sense - thanks much!

Michael F. McCartney
Michael F. McCartney
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11 September 2014 04:11

While I’m not quite as conservative as Joe on this particular topic, ditto what he said.

As hhistorical background on gongs as addressed in our Guidelines, one concern discussed during drafting th a t portion was to avoid getting involved in judging the validity or merits of gongs awarded or used by various "orders of chivalry" with no obvious historical value.  (Or for that matter, declining to get sucked into the swamp of what is or isn’t a valid Order.)


Rather than placing our Society on that slippery slope, the Guidelines essentially defer to whatever is allowed or disallowed by our own governments - federal, state or local.