International Heraldry Day 2015 T-Shirts

Kathy McClurg
Kathy McClurg
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14 February 2015 09:08

I know the AHS as an organization doesn’t support IHD, but many members do via facebook.  For those of you who do, but may not have a presence on Face Book, last year we started offering a T-shirt with the IHD badge, done by Alexander Liptak in year one, on the front and on the back 18 shields with the city/country of the armiger on the back.

If anyone would like to contribute their shield, e-mail a good emblazon of it to with your city/state/country.


These T-shirts are produced via LjGroupArt’s Zazzle presence.  Therefore we are subject to their pricing.  The sooner we can get them up, the more opportunity people will have to take advantage of Zazzle-run discounts.  I will post when they are available and provide a link, but no further "advertising" will take place here.  Incidently, the pass through is set as low as zazzle allows - we are making nothing on these, but view them as a mechanism for further introduction of the IHD effort to the world.


Either way - if you wish to participate this way - send it along.  the first 18 will be the ones we use and we’d like to use different ones each year if we have the necessary response.


And, in the mean time, IHD is in it’s 3rd year and is growing in popularity online.  We’ve reached out to heraldry sites and brick and mortar sites the past two years with some minor success… there appears to be a few possible symposiums in the works this year…


For those of you on Facebook—I’m sure you’ll see more and I hope on or off social networking everyone takes a little extra time to celebrate heraldry on June 10, 2015!