New member Introduction.
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04 March 2017 17:41

Hello.  My name is Craig and I am a heraldry enthusiast, out in Washington State.  This is my first time posting to this forum so, we will see how this goes.  I apologize in advance if my questions or topics have already been addressed in previous posts.  I have read through most of them on this site so I am hopeful that I will be contributing new thoughts.  I am a forward thinker, meaning when I get involved in a subject I like to use my knowledge of that particular subject, history and tradition to see if I can speculate forward and predict a future end result.  I have never been absolutely correct, but I do get close.  I would like to share this thought process with this group,  e.g., members more knowledgeable than I on the subject of heraldry as a way of testing my own knowledge, learning something new and having fun along the way.  So, with that introduction, I will throw out my first topic in a few days.  Please let me know if speculation is frowned upon in this forum and if it is, I won’t bother the group with it.
Thank you.