Arms Plaques for my Children

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07 June 2017 14:38

It’s taken me about 6-months off and on but I have finally completed a set of armorial plaques for my children.  The front features the arms proper, the back is a dedication to each of my children with the blazon of the arms with the crest set at the base.  Around the edges is inscribed my motto: “Press Toward the Mark for the Prize” in English, Latin and Old English transliterated into Futhorc.  I have more recently taken to using the Old English-Futhorc translation to honor the roots of my surname as well as its likely historic time of adoption by my ancestors.

The plaques are painted with acrylics on reclaimed wood (birch I believe) that served many years as shelving in a closet.  My son’s naturally wanted a heater shape but my daughter balked at the idea and opted for the lozenge.

Front of Plaques
Reverse of Plaques
Right Edge of Plaque
Left Edge of Plaque

Chuck Glass
Chuck Glass
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09 June 2017 19:55

Very nicely done, and such wonderful and unique gifts!