Join The American Heraldry Society

Membership in the American Heraldry Society is open to anyone, anywhere, who is interested in the study and practice of heraldry.

Benefits of Membership

  • Members receive access to the Members’ section of the website and may elect to have their coat of arms displayed in the Roll of Arms.

  • Members are invited to participate in Society activities both nationally, and with their local branch.

  • Members may vote in elections.

  • Members may serve on the Society’s elected board of governors and serve on Society committees.

  • All society memberships come with a subscription to The American Herald, our peer-reviewed annual journal.

  • Members will receive a membership packet by mail with society information, a lapel pin of the society’s arms, and more!

Regular Membership

For individual members.


Family Membership

For families (all members reside at the same household).


Student Membership

For individuals under the age of 18 and full-time students (email address ending in .edu). Student members are full members of the society.


Individual Life Membership

Join for life.

$300 one-time payment

If you have any questions about membership or dues, please email