Roll of Arms

We invite all Society Members to display their personal armorial bearings here in the Members Roll of Arms. Arms may be assumed and registered American arms, inherited arms, or those granted by foreign authorities.

NOTE: The American Heraldry Society makes no claim to, nor certification of any arms submitted by members to the roll. Entry into the roll does not constitute registration of arms with the Society. Submissions that do not comply with basic heraldic practice or good taste in regards to any claim of rank or augmentation of honor may be removed. All entries are the sole property of the Armiger.

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Kimon Andreou

Arms: Per fess Azure and Argent a Saltire counterchanged between in chief an Athenian Owl tourné Argent in base an Oak Tree eradicated Azure.

Crest: Surmounting an Ionic Capital Argent an open Book Argent bound Azure the dexter page charged with a Saltire the sinister with an Acorn slipped and leaved Azure.

Motto: ΙΣΧΥΣ ΔΙΑ ΤΗΣ ΓΝΩΣΕΩΣ (Power Through Knowledge)

David Appleton

Arms: Argent two chevronels Azure between three apples Gules slipped and leaved Proper.

Crest: An apple tree fructed Proper.

Motto: Ex fructibus eorum cognoscetis eos (By their fruits shall you know them)

David Boven

Sean Brazeau

Arms: Azure a double-headed eagle displayed Or, in chief three mullets of eight points in chevron Argent, debruised of a three-point label Gules.

Brady Brim-DeForest of Balvaird

Arms: Parted per chevron Gules and Argent, two acorns slipped Or and in base a fleur-de-lys Azure.

Crest: A demi lion rampant Or armed and langued Azure holding in its paws a swallow tailed Pennon Azure charged with a cross pattée Argent.

Motto: Un cran plus loin

Charles Burgardt

Arms: Argent between two feathers gules a popinjay with dexter foot raised azure, membered, beaked, and collared gules, in base two bars wavy azure.

Crest: A demi-sun of seven rays issuant or.

Motto: Cogita intra fines (Think within limits)

Victor Crawford

Arms: Gules a fess ermine between three eastern dogwood blooms proper.

Crest: Issuant from a chaplet of alternate pitch pine cones {Pinus rigida} and pitcher plant pitchers {Sarracenia purpurea} Argent with four and five visible, a male northern cardinal {Cardinalis cardinalis} rousant, wings raised and addorsed, holding in its dexter claw a quill fashioned from an osprey feather {Pandion haliaetus}, all Proper.

Motto: Floreat Natura

William Done

Arms: Azure between three acorns slipped and leaved argent a chevron gules fimbriated argent thereon an estoile between two lightning flashes of the same.

Crest: Within a circlet of Golden Poppies proper a Squirrel sejant proper holding between its forepaws a Key its bow upwards in the form of a Fleur-de-lis Argent.

Motto: Pro scientia et defensione.

D. Cole Gallup

Arms: Azure upon a mount vert a Celtic cross sable fimbriated and adorned between a coyote dormant head to sinister and a lion dormant all gold, in chief an arc of seven molets, that in the center with ten points.

Crest: A chalice gold.

Motto: Protege Mites Puni Impios

Tyler Hewitt

Arms: Vert, a scale finialed of an upturned crescent Or and on a chief of the last three hands couped at the wrist vert.

Crest: A lymphad Vert, sailed and flagged Or, the sail charged with a key Vert.

Motto: “Stand tall or stand not.”

Chance Hudson

Arms: Argent on a Cross engrailed Gules four mullets Argent and in dexter chief a quill Sable surmounting a sword Proper in saltire

Kryštof Huk

Arms: Per bend sinister Argent and barry Or and Gules in chief a set of bagpipes Gules and overall a bend sinister Azure charged with four hemp flowers Argent seeded Or.

Crest: Issuant from a torse two wings Gules charged with three bars Or and overall a semy of flax flowers Argent seeded Gules.

Motto: "Suum Cuique"

Hassan Kamel-Kelisli-Morali

Arms: Vert two bendlets between as many mullets argent.

Crest: Dexter - Three crescents interlaced gules between two wings elevated the dexter per fess vert and argent the sinister per fess argent and vert. Sinister - Upon a beylical kavuk gules enturbanated argent a fleur-de-lis or between two Osmanli tughs (Ottoman horse-tail standards) proper and two banners on spears fringed and tasseled or dexter banner Egypt modern (vert a decrescent within the horns three mullets argent sinister banner Egypt ancient (gules three decrescents two in hoist one in fly with the horns three mullets argent.

Motto: Humilitate (by humility) above dexter crest. Alla corona fidissimo (most faithful to the crown) above sinister crest. Dieu et mon roy (god and my king) below shield.

Jacob Klausmeier

Arms: Azure, a fox passant Or bellied Argent wearing a Phrygian cap Gules; on a chief Argent a torch fesswise pointing to sinister Sable flamed Gules and Or.

Crest: A Phrygian cap Gules charged with a cockade Or, Azure, Or.

Motto: Singen Sie tapfer! (Sing bravely!)

Chad Krouse

Arms: Per chevron Gules and barry wavy Argent and Azure, in chief two dogwood flowers (Cornus Florida) Proper and in base a cross of Saint Chad Gules.

Crest: A cardinal's head (Cardinalis cardinalis) erased clutching in its beak a Madonna lily (Lilium Candidum) seeded Proper.

Motto: Ich Mache Rechte (I Make Right).

Kenneth Mansfield

Arms: Argent a chevron azure between in chief two maunches sable and in base a cross crosslet gules.

Crest: A stag's head erased proper, between the antlers a cross crosslet Gules.

Motto: Aedifico ut Permaneat (I build to last)

Ross McEwen

E.O. McMillan

Arms: Or a lion passant sable between in chief three stars azure voided argent and in base a bar wavy azure charged with a barrulet wavy argent.

Crest: A dexter hand issuant brandishing a Creek Indian atassa (war club) gules

Motto: Caelum non animum mutant

Brady McNulty

Arms: Azure, on a bend Argent three dog paw prints Sable between two wolves’ heads erased Argent langued Gules.

Eric Motley

Arms: Per chevron inverted enhanced anzure and argent, a pale between two mullets of six pierced all azure, in chief a lion rampant argent.

Crest: A demi lion rampant argent armed and langued azure grasping a mullet of six points pierced azure.

Motto: Negotio Utilitatis Militabat

Rodger Patience

Arms: Azure, two bars wavy, between in chief two lymphads, sails furled, oars in action, colours flying, and in base three salmon fretted Or.

Arthur Roberts of Abrone

Arms: Per fess Vert and Azure on a fess wavy Argent a bar wavy of the second between three hounds heads erased of the third.

Crest: A huntsman kneeling drawing his bow habited and armed Proper.

Motto: "Hold Fast"

Ethan Roberts-MacDonald of Abrone

Arms: Quarterly 1 and 4: Or a pomme charged with a white rose barbed and seeded Proper on a chief Azure three acorn sprigs Or. (MacDonald) 2 and 3: Per fess Vert and Azure on a fess wavy Argent a bar wavy of the Second between three hounds heads erased of the Third. (Roberts)

Crest: On a St Andrews cross Argent a bald eagle rising wings elevated and addorsed Proper holding in its dexter talons a sword Argent.

Motto: Chridhe Daraich

Dale Roe

Arms: Gules a Lion Rampant Argent head and mane Or on a Chief Azure four Clarions Argent

Crest: On a Wreath Argent, Gules and Azure a Talbot passant Sable supporting over the dexter shoulder a Candle Argent enflamed at both ends proper

Motto: Non Dormio (I Sleep Not)

Terry Sarros

Arms: Gules on a pale between four pallets interlaced with a bar gemel in chief Argent three roses Gules barbed and seeded proper.

Crest: On a wreath Argent and Gules a sea lion Argent its tail entwined around the shaft and center tine of a trident's head issuant Sable.

John Shannon

Arms: Argent two Pallets and two Barrulets interlaced Gules between four Purses stringed Azure.

Crest: Issuant from a circlet of open books Or and Maltese crosses Argent a windmill Gules


David Shorey

Arms: Sable, an heraldic dolphin naiant Or and a chief embattled Vert fimbriated Or.

Crest: On a wreath Or and Vert a Cornish Chough speaking proper his dexter foot grasping the point of a mullet Gules.

Motto: Siempre Adelante

Alexander Silvestri

Arms: Argent, issuant from a base wavy Gules a demi wild man, habited and wreathed about the head, holding in the dexter hand a branch of four twigs each leaved and fructed of one apple and in the sinister hand a sprig of three roses slipped and leaved Proper.

Crest: A demi Pulcinella Proper holding in the dexter hand a hunting horn Or and in the sinister hand a bezant.

Motto: “PRATICA LA RESURREZIONE” (Practice Resurrection)

Larry Snyder

Arms: A demi-fox rampant sable collared raguly gules fimbriated argent holding a broad-ax erect gules.

Christopher Steenrod

Arms: Party per pale Azure and Argent, a harpy displayed maintaining a battle axe contourné in the dexter claw and an anchor reversed in the sinister claw, all counterchanged. Above the Escutcheon is placed a steel tilted helm with a Mantling Azure doubled Argent, and on a Wreath Argent and Azure is set for a crest, a hare sejant erect Argent.

Matthew Wallace-Gross

John Wright of Deerfield

Arms: Or a fess gyronny of eight Argent and Sable between in chief a Maltese cross Gules and in base a lymphad sails furled Sable its oars in action, its pennon flying Gules. Above the shield is placed a helm befitting his degree with mantling Gules doubled Or

Crest: and for a crest upon a wreath of the colours a clenched gauntlet Argent grasping in pale a dagger of the Same, its hilt proper.