The American Herald

The American Herald is the academic journal to the Society and is published annually on or about International Heraldry Day (June 10th). This is a peer reviewed journal that has been published intermittently since 2007. Submissions of both articles and book reviews are welcome from both Society members and the general public. Please see the below requirements for each submission type. Back issues are available in print and digital download via the Society Shop, alongside our other Publications. For any questions please refer to our Publications Committee.

Director of Publications: Johnathan Clayborn

American Herald Editorial Team:

  • Joseph McMillan, FAHS – Honorary Editor
  • William Done – Co-Editor

Article Submissions can be made by AHS members or the general public, and we welcome new scholars to the field and students conducting research. While articles should focus only on heraldry and its auxiliary sciences (coats of arms, seals, heraldic badges, heraldic paleography, vexillology, as well as geneology where it intersects with heraldry), article topics are NOT restricted to American heraldry. All submitted work should be your original unpublished work on the subject, however, if you wish to submit a reworked and previously published article that has been published in another heraldic or historical journal OUTSIDE the United States, we ask that you provide, in addition to the below requirements, a written letter of permission to publish the modified work from the original publisher, a copy of said original work, and a letter explaining the differences in approach and why it should be republished in The American Herald

Article submissions should average between 3000 to 7000 words including citations, charts, and tables, though longer submissions are welcome. All citations must be in full Chicago Manual of Style format footnote citations with a bibliography. Submissions may be submitted at any time, however the cut off for possible inclusion in the 2025 Edition will be January 31st of 2025. Authors are responsible for ensuring that any illustrations and figures that they provide are free from copyright restriction or providing documentation that copyright permission has been granted. The publications committee may refer submissions to the Society Board of Governors for adaptation for our “E Pluribus Unum” lecture series or for presentation at any of our virtual symposia.

Book reviews can be submitted on any published work dealing with Heraldry and its auxiliary sciences, but prospective authors should contact the Publications Committee first to ensure that the book in question is suitable for review. Any questions should be directed to the Publications Committee.

In both articles and book reviews all blazons should comply with the following: that the whole of the blazon should be in italics, the first letter of the first word be capitalized, that all tinctures be capitalized, and that no punctuation be used beyond a full stop at the end. Any arms listed in writing should be immediately followed by the blazon in parentheses. 

For all questions please email either or