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Jonathan R. Baker
Jonathan R. Baker
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17 August 2007 11:46

Greetings, Everyone!

Most probably know this already, but I work as a security guard at my university.  Yesterday, I met with my new boss to discuss improvements for the department.  I suggested a specific unit insignia, and mentioned my interest in heraldry.  He really liked the idea, and asked me to come up with a few ideas to bring to him.  I’d like to present a few different designs.  So, I am posting here for some assistance.  Any ideas are welcome.  I will include some information below to help the design process alone.


School Colors—Maroon (Sanguine), White, and Navy Blue.

School Team Name—The Flames

School Seal:



Now, we are not police officers.  We are unarmed security guards, so I would like to steer clear of stereotypical law enforcement insignia.  I will work on some ideas over the next couple of days, and I will post them as I can get them rendered.