Select Member Roll of Arms

John Wright of Deerfield

Member Arms: Or a fess gyronny of eight Argent and Sable between in chief a Maltese cross Gules and in base a lymphad sails furled Sable its oars in action, its pennon flying Gules. Above the shield is placed a helm befitting his degree with mantling Gules doubled Or

Crest: and for a crest upon a wreath of the colours a clenched gauntlet Argent grasping in pale a dagger of the Same, its hilt proper.


Larry Snyder

Member Arms: A demi-fox rampant sable collared raguly gules fimbriated argent holding a broad-ax erect gules.

Michael McCartney

Member Arms: Or a stag trippant Gules attired Azure within a bordure Azure charged with eight saltires couped Argent

Crest: Issuing from a wreath Or, Gules and Azure a dexter hand proper holding a rose Gules slipped, leaved, barbed and seeded Proper

Motto: Above: Stimular Sed Ornat Below: Mens Conscia Recti

Antonio Lamanna

Member Arms: Gules, an Eagle displayed, the flight feathers of it's wings composed of olive branches Fructed Or leaved Argent