Canting wolves, elephants and more to come ...

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02 July 2014 12:19

After the study of more than 600 Portuguese lineages, confirming the systematic ability of the methodology to explain heraldic components, I publish now the analysis of a few English crests starting with the Arundell of Wardour (a wolf passant argent) and the Knowles of Lovel Hill (an elephant statant argent).

It is interesting to note that the structure continues quite the same, which could derive from the well-known influence of English officers of arms in the Portuguese court, at least since Philippa of Lancaster; otherwise it could be a general behaviour. I cannot tell for only territorial shields were analyzed in a broader geographic context.


Being both languages different either phonetically or regarding word lengths, English heraldic structure is based more on sounds than characters and uses more phrases compared to Portuguese.


Note that the methodology is reproducible, meaning that anyone knowing how it works may arrive at the same results. Questions, suggestions and corrections are welcome.