Society’s Arms

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About the Arms of the American Heraldry Society

The Society adopted its arms soon after its founding. The blazon, or description of the arms in heraldic language, is:

Gules an American Bald Eagle displayed proper on a Chief Azure three Escutcheons Argent

The red, white, and blue allude to the National colors used in the National arms, while the eagle recalls the supporter used for those arms. The escutcheons, or shields, represent the basic object of study by the Society's members. The civic wreath is merely decoration to enhance the shield.

This particular emblazonment, or rendering, of the Society's arms is used on the website and in most Society publications. It was executed by Mr. Alex Kurov, a well-known herald painter, of Russia. The Society is extremely grateful to Mr. Kurov for his stylish and professional interpretation of the Society's arms. (Those interested in seeing more of Mr. Kurov's work may visit his website, "Excursion in Heraldry," at Most of the site is in Russian but there is an English section as well with several fine examples of Mr. Kurov's heraldic art.)

PLEASE NOTE: This coat of arms is the sole property of the American Heraldry Society. It may not be used, copied, transferred, stored electronically, reproduced, nor used in any way whatsoever without the written permission of the American Heraldry Society.