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Jesse Carrasco

Blazon of Arms:

Vert between three acorns slipped and leaved a chevron Argent, on a chief Sable a bear passant Argent also armed Argent and langued Azure.

There is a type of oak tree in Spain (Holm Oak) that is named Carrasca (in Spanish). Therefore, the acorns serve as a cant of my surname. The three acorns represent the first three generations of the family that lived in America. The two outside of the chevron are my parents and grandparents who immigrated from Mexico and the one under the chevron is my generation, the first generation to be born in America. The three acorns also represent myself and my two siblings. The chevron represents the mountains my family grew up in, both in Mexico and in America. The bear is for the state of CA where our family immigrated to and we all still reside in. As animals, bears are extremely protective of their family. Lastly, the colors of green, black, and white were chosen because both of my parents, my brother, sister and I all graduated from separate high schools with these school colors. The main charges were chosen to be white to serve as a reminder of the past and where our family came from while we move towards the future.

Blazon of Crest:

Issuant from a torse Argent and Vert a demi-bear Sable armed Argent and langued Azure holding between its forepaws a compass rose Or.

The bear represents my university's mascot (and current place of employment). I work with incoming college students helping them get oriented into the campus so the compass rose serves as an allusion to my occupation. It also recalls the Christmas story of the three wise men who follow the star until they find Jesus lying in the manger and therefore serves as a personal moral compass to remind me to always follow my "true north" (i.e. to always do what is right and follow the path to God). I chose gold for the color because it's the common color of both universities that I earned my degrees from.


Assumed August 22, 2011.